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A Brief Overview of Phase Array Systems

The concept of the phased array antenna system was first put into practice by German Physicist Ferdinand Braun and his assistants in the spring of 1905. In short, he and his assistants carefully controlled the excitation phase of each antenna in an array and determined that the combined effect exhibited significant directivity. In the nearly 12 decades since Braun first described the phased array antenna system, this technology has become commonplace in 4G/5G communications, electronic warfare, radar, nonlethal weaponry, and advanced imaging applications.1

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Power Sensors for Any Requirement

Power sensors are an essential tool for any RF/microwave test engineer. Mini-Circuits developed its extensive PWR series of smart power sensors to provide an option for any test requirement, budget and experience level. The PWR series includes a range of high-performance sensors up to 40 GHz supporting measurements of any signal type, from CW / single tone applications to pulsed signals and most modern digital modulations.

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Core and Wire Components

Core and wire components are essential building blocks in RF systems. Few technologies achieve comparable wideband performance, size and cost for VHF/UHF communications, CATV and broadband networks, satellite IF circuitry and many more operating bands.

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New Product Release:


  • WR10 Waveguide LNA, 3.5 dB NF, 21 dB Gain, 50Ω
    • WVA-751103LNX+, 75 GHz to 110 GHz


  • TTL-Controlled SP4T Solid State Switch, SMA, 50Ω
    • TTL-1SP4T-183, 100 MHz to 18 GHz

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