From Mini-Circuits:

Ultra-Low Noise, Non-Magnetic MMIC Transistors

Mini-Circuits continues to expand their selection of MMIC transistors with two new models built with non-ferrous leadframes, suitable for MRI systems and other applications where non-magnetic materials are a requirement. Both models have outstanding combinations of noise figure, gain and OIP3 performance packaged in a tiny 1.4×1.2mm QFN-style package.

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Optimizing High-Rejection LTCC Filter Performance in Co-Planar Waveguide


Mini-Circuits’ BFHK-series of high-rejection LTCC filters have been characterized with stopband rejection floors on the order of 90 dB. The unique design of these devices features coaxial input and output pins on the bottom surface of the structure requiring blind vias to the conductive layer of a stripline circuit board.

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New Product Release:


  • USB, Ethernet & PoE 4-Channel Programmable Attenuator, 0-95 dB, 50Ω
    • RC4DAT-8G-95PE, 1 MHz to 8 GHz

Together with our suppliers we are constantly working to shorten the time between order and delivery however due to current material shortage lead times for some models are still longer than usual so please take this into account when placing your order.