Bias Tees 

  • Wideband SMT Bias Tee, 2.5A, 1W
    • RCBT-63H+, 900 to 6000MHz


  • DC pass, bi-directional 10dB coupler
    • BDCH-10-63+, 2 to 6 GHz


  • MMIC Fixed Equalizer, 15.7dB Slope
    • EQY-15-24+, QFN, 6 to 10 GHz


  • Low loss LTCC Bandpass filter
    • BFCQ-2552+, 25.2 to 26.6 GHz
  • High Pass Filter, LTCC Connectorized,
    • VHFG-2100+, SMA, 2200 to 6000MHz
    • VHFG-1500+, SMA, 1600 to 6000MHz

Switch Matrix

  • USB/Ethernet mmWave SPDT Switch Matrix,
    • RC-8SPDT-50, DC to 50GHz

Test Solutions Product Guide 2021

Together with our suppliers we are constantly working to shorten the time between order and delivery however lead times are still longer than usual so please take this into account when placing your order. 

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