• Super Wideband Low Noise Amplifier Die
    • AVA-0233NL-DG+, 2000 to 30000MHz
  • Ultrawideband Low Noise, 2.92mm connector
    • ZVE-373LNX-K+, 28-37GHz


  • Thin Film Band Pass Filter, SMT
    • ABF-series, 9600 to 18740MHz
  • Suspended Substrate Band Pass Filter,
    • ZBSS-2250-S+, 1600 to 2900MHz
  • LTCC Low Pass Filter, 40 dB Rejection,
    • LFCW-6500+, DC to 6500MHz


  • RC4DAT-8G-120H
    • 120dB USB & Ethernet 4-channel Programmable Attenuator, 0.05 dB
      step 200 to 8000MHz

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