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High Pass Filters – Compact, Cost-Effective and Extending to 60 GHz

When designing mmWave frequency systems that span Q-band and half of V-band, engineers are often faced with difficult tradeoffs when it comes to filter selection. Mini-Circuits has broken through with the HFCQ (1008), HFCN (1206) and HFCV (1210) series high pass filters. These latest LTCC filters from Mini-Circuits exhibit passbands that cover Q-band and the lower half of V-band while offering a combination of insertion loss, return loss, rejection, size, cost, repeatability, ruggedness and reliability that has only now become available.

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New Product Releases


  • LTCC SMT Diplexer, 0.4 dB Insertion Loss, 4W, 50Ω
    • LDPQ-550-252+, F-low – DC to 0.5 GHz. F-High – 1.3 to 2.5 GHz

Test Solutions

  • USB & Ethernet Signal Generator, -40 to +17 dBm, 2.92mm, CW & Pulsed, 50Ω
    • SSG-44G-RC, 0.1 GHz to 44 GHz

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