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Frequency Matters Interview: MMIC Market and Mini-Circuits Solutions

Randy Cochran, Product Marketing Manager for MMIC and LTCC products, and Raj Santhakumar, MMIC Product Line Engineer, at Mini-Circuits talk with Pat Hindle, Media Director, at Microwave Journal 

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Product News:


  • Coaxial Digital Step Attenuator, 0 to 31.5 dB, 0.5 dB Step, 50Ω
    • ZX76-44G-30-K+, 100 to 43500 MHz


  • SMT 20 dB Directional Coupler, 1W, 75Ω
    • RDC20-232-75X1+, 5 to 2350 MHz
  • Coaxial 30 dB Directional Coupler, 50W, 50Ω
    • ZUDC30-06183-S+, 6000 to 18000 MHz


  • MMIC Fixed Slope Equalizer, 18 dB, 3 x 3 mm, 50Ω
    • EQY-18-24+, 6000 to 18000MHz
  • MMIC Fixed Slope Equalizer Die, 18 dB, 50Ω
    • EQY-18-24-DG+, 6000 to 18000 MHz


  • SMT 1.33:1 Balun Transformer, 75Ω
    • TC1.33-282-5+, 5 to 2800 MHz
  • SMT 1:1 Transformer, 50Ω
    • TC1-1T-152X-3+, 5 to 1500 MHz

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