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  • MMIC Mixer, SMT. For millimeter-wave communications, defense, and test applications.
    • MDB-54H+, Level 15, 20 to 50GHz


  • LTCC Coaxial Low Pass Filter, SMA, 4.5W and 5.5W
    • VLFG-series, DC to 8000MHz
  • LTCC Low Pass Filter, 42dB
    • LFCW-8000+, DC to 8000MHz
  • LTCC High Pass Filter, 7W
    • HFCN-1910-4+, 2000 to 5200MHz
  • LTCC Bandpass filter for WiFI/WLan bands
    • BFCO-552+, 4.9 to 6.1 GHz passband and 5.5GHZ center frequency.
  • LTCC Filters for 5G applications
    • BFCQ-series, 4 models at from 18 to 50GHz and cellular wireless passbands n257, n258, and n260.

Bias Tee

  • Satellite MuxTee, Integrated L-Band + DC Bias Tee, SMA, 
    • ZABT-2150-5AF10/800 to 2150MHz to 4GHz


  • Low Noise amplifier, 2.92mm connectors.
    • ZVA-24443G1+, 24 to 43.5 GHz

Test Solutions

  • 63 dB Programmable Attenuator, USB, Ethernet, RS232 & TTL Control, 0.25 dB Step, 2.92 mm,
    • RCDAT-18G-63+, 100 to 18000MHz
  • SP8T Solid State Switch, USB Control & Automation, 2.92 mm
    • USB-1SP8T-183, 100 to 18000MHz

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