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Mini-Circuits Deer Park Location Opens High-Frequency Technology Center

Mini-Circuits’ new Deer Park Technology Center is the center of gravity for the company’s expansion of its portfolio to 110 GHz and beyond. Take an inside look at the capabilities

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  • Coaxial amplifier, flat gain of typically 16 to 17 dB. 1 mm female connectors.
    • ZVA-50953X+, 45 to 95 GHz

Cable Kits

  • Hand-Flex coaxial cable kits w/ 4 identical phase matched cables.
    • K086-SMMCX+ series, max phase difference of +2°, DC to 6 GHz


  • Fixed slope equalizer, with a slope of 8e.4 dB typ
    • ZEQ-9-44K+, DC to 40 GHz


  • Bandpass Balun Filters, 10 tiny ceramic models – 5 per model. LTCC technology.
    • K1-BBFCG+, 2150 to 5700 MHz, SMT
  • LTCC Bandpass Filter, 80 dB Rejection, 1812, 50Ω
    • BFHK-2942+, 22 to 28 GHz

Thru Line

  • Low Loss, Thru Line, LTCC, SMT 1206 package
    • TPCN-203+, DC to 20 GHz

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