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Understanding Ceramic Coaxial Resonator Filters
An overview of the characteristics and advantages of one of our most popular filter technologies, as well as Mini-Circuits’ industry-leading design and manufacturing capabilities. Read more at:

Filtering Solutions for 5G C-Band Interference with Radar Altimeter Receivers

See how Mini-Circuits’ ceramic resonator and cavity filter designs are helping resolve potential interference between 5G base station emissions and RA receivers onboard commercial aircraft.

Read more at:

New product line releases

Test accessories

  • N-female to N-female Thru Calibration Standard, 50Ω
    • MTH-63-NFNF+, DC to 6000MHz
  • N-female to N-male Thru Calibration Standard, 50Ω
    • MTH-63-NFNM+, DC to 6000MHz
  • N-male to N-male Thru Calibration Standard, 50Ω
    • MTH-63-NMNM+, DC to 6000 MHz
  • SMA-female to SMA-female Thru Calibration Standard, 50Ω
    • MTH-63-SFSF+, DC to 6000MHz
  • SMA-female to SMA-male Thru Calibration Standard, 50Ω
    • MTH-63-SFSM+, DC to 6000 MHz
  • SMA-male to SMA-male Thru Calibration Standard, 50Ω
    • MTH-63-SMSM+, DC to 6000 MHz

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