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50W SSPA with Built-In Signal Generator & Controller

The RFS-2G42G5050X+ takes Mini-Circuits’ robust line of solid state, connectorized, high-power amplifiers for RF energy to a new level by integrating the versatility of a signal generator with a 50W amplifier. The ruggedness of the RFS-2G42G5050X+ is enhanced by the built-in monitor and control circuitry which protects the module from excess temperature, current, supply voltage, forward and reverse power. It’s a self-contained, turnkey solution for applications including industrial induction heating, materials processing, medical diathermy and more.

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The Basics of Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing (OFDM)

While traditional Frequency Division Multiplexing has been around for over 100 years, Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) was first introduced by Robert W. Chang of Bell Laboratories in 1966.1,2,3,4 In OFDM, the stream of information is split between many closely-spaced, narrowband subcarriers instead of being relegated to a single wideband channel frequency.5 Single-channel modulation schemes tend to be sequential whereas, in OFDM, many bits can be sent in parallel, simultaneously, in the many subcarriers.5 So many bits can be packed onto the subcarriers simultaneously that the data rate of each subcarrier’s modulation can be much lower than that of a single-carrier architecture.

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New Product Releases


  • SIW Bandpass Filter, 1.7 dB Insertion Loss, n258, 1W, 50Ω
    • WSBP-26G+, 25 GHz to 27 GHz
  • LTCC Bandpass Filter, 3.3 dB Insertion Loss, 1W, 50Ω
    • BFHKI-2492+, 22 GHz to 28 GHz
  • LTCC Bandpass Filter, 2.8 dB Insertion Loss, 1W, 50Ω
    • BFHKI-3142+, 28 GHz to 36 GHz
  • LTCC Thru-Line, 0.3 – 1.3 dB Insertion Loss, 1W, 50Ω
    • TPHKI-3002+, DC to 30 GHz

Test Solutions

  • Connector Adapter Patch Panel, 24 x N-Type (f-f), 2U
    • ZT-226, DC to 11 GHz
  • Connector Adapter Patch Panel, 16 x SMA (f-f), 1U
    • ZT-396, DC to 18 GHz
  • Splitter / Combiner Panel, 4 x 4-Way, 1U, SMA
    • ZT-392, 0.6 GHz to 6 GHz
  • Splitter / Combiner Panel, 2 x 8-Way, 1U, SMA
    • ZT-393, 0.6 GHz to 6 GHz

Together with our suppliers we are constantly working to shorten the time between order and delivery however due to current material shortage lead times for some models are still longer than usual so please take this into account when placing your order.