Wideband MMIC Variable Gain Amplifier

The PVGA-273+ low noise, variable gain MMIC amplifier features an NF of 2.6 dB, 13.9 dB gain, +15 dBm P1dB, and +29 dBm OIP3. This VGA affords a gain control range of 30 dB with a control voltage of -0.7 to 2.0V. The compact 5×5 mm QFN-style package includes internally-matched, 50Ω RF ports, ideal for insertion into any lineup to trim gain and balance system GNIP parameters.

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Selecting VCOs for Clock Timing Circuits – A System Perspective

Clock Timing, Phase Noise and Bit Error Rate (BER)

Timing is critical in digital systems, especially in electronic systems that feature high-speed data converters and high-resolution sampling. A clock source is the “timekeeper” and the system performance depends upon the effectiveness of this component. For some system designers, implementing a clock source automatically means using a crystal oscillator, typically a single-frequency source. But other designers, especially those tasked with synchronizing systems at multiple clock frequencies, have learned to appreciate the flexibility of using voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs) as clock sources.

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1.35mm DC to 90 GHz Adapters

Wideband 1.35mm Adapters

Low Insertion Loss & VSWR through RF/mmWave

Mini-Circuits’ 1.35mm to 1.35mm RF/mmWave adapter series offers three mating adaptations to meet all possible interface configurations. Ultra-wideband, 90 GHz capability allows these units to be integrated into a variety of system types, while low insertion loss and exceptional VSWR result in minimal impact to interconnections. Adapters feature passivated stainless steel construction and a rugged, compact design.

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