Fast-Switching GaAs Switches Are a High-Performance, Low-Cost Alternative to SOI

A mistaken belief has arisen in recent years that SOI has somehow taken over as the prevailing technology for fast RF switch applications. However, Mini-Circuits has recently introduced the M3SWA2-63DRC+ and the M3SWA2-34DR+ultrafast, absorptive RF switches which has given cause for designers to reconsider their switch choices. Designers are discovering that it is no longer necessary to bear the expense of an SOI switch just to get the speed they need. 

In this application note, a comprehensive, side-by-side, parametric comparison of the Mini-Circuits’ wideband GaAs MMIC M3SWA2-34DR+ switch to two SOI competitive offerings is performed. This comparison leads to the conclusion that there is no reason to take the foot off the GaAs.

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RF Energy

  • 1 kW Rack Mount Signal Source, 53 dB Gain, CW and Pulsed, 7/16” RF Out, 50Ω
    • 135F-135F+, 2.4 GHz to 2.5 GHz

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