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  • Medium Power Amplifier, SMT
    • PMA3-83MP+, 8 GHz
  • Coaxial Low Noise Amplifier, Female SMA-connectors
    • ZX60-06203ALN+, 60 to 20 GHz, 
  • +29dBm Ultra Wideband Connectorized Amplifiers with Heat sink
    • ZVE-453xxx-series, from 18 to 45 GHz

Bias Tees 

  • MMIC Bias Tee, SMT
    • MBT-44+ 10 to 40GHz


  • MMIC Fixed Equalizer, SMT
    • EQY-series, QFN, Up to 45 GHz


  • Dual LTCC Low Pass Filter, MMIC, SMT
    • DLFCV-1600+, DC to 1.6GHz
  • High Pass Filter, LTCC Connectorized, SMA
    • VHFG-1100+, 1400 to 3900MHz
  • Cavity Band Pass Filter, SMA
    • ZVBP-9500-S+, 9495 to 9505 MHz
  • Suspended Substrate Band Pass Filters, SMA
    • ZBSS-series, from 4 to 12 GHz
  • LTCC Low Pass Filters, 2.92mm connectors
    • ZLFW-series, DC to 14 GHZ
    • ZHFG-series, 2.1 to 16.5 GHz

Switch Matrix

  • Durable Switch Matrix, mmWave, 2.4 mm female RF connectors
    • RC-4SPDT-50, DC to 50GHz

New On the Blog

  • Novel MMIC Splitter/ Combiner Designs Achieve High Isolation down to DC
    • Designers typically face a tradeoff in selecting splitter/combiners between the low frequency coverage, bandwidth and low unbalance of resistive designs, and the better insertion loss and isolation of Wilkinson designs at higher frequencies.
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  • Distributed RF Amplifier Designs for Ultra-Wideband Applications
    • Distributed amplifier architectures can achieve multi-decade frequency range with outstanding all-around performance for wideband applications like fiberoptic networks and EW systems.
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