MMIC LNA’s For Sensitive Wideband Receiver Applications

Mini-Circuits’ PMA3-series of MMIC LNAs have become a mainstay in countless systems across the industry because of their unmatched combinations of bandwidth, noise figure and dynamic range. The capabilities has now been extended to higher frequencies and more applications with the introduction of two new models with operating frequency ranges up to 45 GHz. These amplifiers will be game changers for sensitive wideband receiver designs in test instrumentation, mmWave backhaul, Ka-Band SATCOM and more!

Wideband LNA -> PMA3-15453+

Ka-Band Gain Block -> PMA3-24323LN+

Mini-Circuits’ Ceramic Resonator Filters Answer the Call for Reliable Long-Term Supply

Recent disruptions in the supply base for ceramic resonators have sent waves of end-of-life notifications through the RF component market. Customers utilizing ceramic-resonator-based filters and other parts are left with the problem of finding alternative suppliers or redesign their systems. 

Mini-Circuits has for many years been a solid source for customers filtering needs with one of the industry’s most extensive in-house design and manufacturing capabilities. Mini-Circuits offers a number of different filter technologies, with over 1500 unique filter models from stock and custom designs with fast turnaround – and the assurance of support through the life of your system.

RF & Microwave Adapters 

Coaxial & Waveguide

Mini-Circuitss updated their already extensive selection of coaxial adapters with a new series of 1.0mm models in all gender combinations, as well as inter-series designs transitioning to 1.85mm. More than 80 adapter models in stock from DC to 110 GHz including a wide selection of coaxial and waveguide interfaces, connector gender combinations, mounting types and orientations.

  • 1.0mm-F to 1.0mm-F Adapter, 50Ω
    • 10F-10F+, DC to 110 GHz
  • 1.0mm-F to 1.0mm-M Adapter, 50Ω
    • 10F-10M+, DC to 110 GHz
  • 1.0mm-M to 1.0mm-M Adapter, 50Ω
    • 10M-10M+, DC to 110 GHz
  • 1.0mm-F to 1.85mm-F Adapter, 50Ω
    • 10F-185F+, DC 67 GHz
  • 1.0mm-F to 1.85mm-M Adapter, 50Ω
    • 10F-185M+, DC to 67 GHz
  • 1.0mm-M to 1.85mm-F Adapter, 50Ω
    • 10M-185F+, DC to 67 GHz
  • 1.0mm-M to 1.85mm-M Adapter, 50Ω
    • 10M-185M+, DC to 67 GHz

Together with our suppliers we are constantly working to shorten the time between order and delivery however due to current material shortage lead times for some models are still longer than usual so please take this into account when placing your order. 

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