• Coaxial Ceramic Resonator Band Stop Filter, SMA
    • ZCBS4-1090-S+ F Low DC to 1040MHz, F High 1140 to 1300MHz.
  • LTCC Low Pass Filter, 4.5W, SMT
    • LFCG-900-1+, DC to 850MHz
  • Cavity Band Pass Filter, 0.6 dB Insertion Loss
    • ZVBP-10R7G-S+, 10450 to 10950MHz

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  • Mini-Circuits Kicks Off Its First SWE event

On August 11, Mini-Circuits hosted its first internally organized Society of Women Engineers (SWE) event. The kickoff attracted members from all departments eager to support a great cause: the empowerment of women in technical careers. Find out more at:

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