We are excited to announce the following new product from Mini-Circuits:

  • A suspended substrate stripline Diplexer, model number ZDSS-2R5G5G-S+ (DC to 7500 (DC – 2500MHz and 5100 – 7500MHz)

This diplexer model is the perfect fit for systems that will combine both a 2.4-2.5 GHz signal and a 5.925-7.25 GHz signal, with less than 0.6 dB of loss and 70 dB of stopband rejection on each channel.

If you are designing Wi-Fi 6E chipsets, modems, filters or amplifiers, then the ZDSS-2R5G5G-S+ is a perfect solution for your test needs.

Please note! 

Due to COVID-19 we have seen an increase in lead times so please take into account when placing your orders that you might have to wait longer than usual for your order to be delivered.

Please contact us for more information or find out more at Mini-Circuits homepage www.minicircuits.com 

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