New from Mini-Circuits:

This week Mini-Circuits are introducing a new MMIC amplifier and a variety of new filter models to the catalog:


  • MMIC LNA with Positive Gain Slope and Shutdown Feature, 50Ω
    • PMA3-83MP-DG+, 400 to 8000 MHz


  • Cavity Band Pass Filter, 2.92mm, 50Ω
    • ZVBP-K34R5G+, 33 to 36 GHz
  • SMT Thin Film on Alumina Band Pass Filter, 50Ω
    • ABF-xxx+ series, 24.25 to 29.5 GHz
  • Cavity Band Pass Filter, SMA, 50Ω
    • ZVBP-19R2G-S+, 19.2 to 19.2 GHz
  • Suspended Substrate Band Pass Filter, SMA, 50Ω
    • ZBSS-A10G-S+, 2 to 18GHz
  • Suspended Substrate Band Pass Filter, SMA, 50Ω
    • ZBSS-4G-S+, 2 to 6 GHz

Together with our suppliers we are constantly working to shorten the time between order and delivery however lead times are still longer than usual so please take this into account when placing your order. 

Please note: 

Last day for shipping out from our warehouse before the Christmas and New Year holidays is December 22. 

From all of Us to all of You
A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!