This week we are announcing the following new products from Mini-Circuits:

New Designers Kit ->

  • K1-LFCW+ – with 10 models LTCC Low Pass Filters, DC to 14GHz 
  • K1-SCG+ – with 7 models LTCC Power Splitters, 900 to 5900MHz
  • K1-NCS+ – with 25 models LTCC Balun Transformers, 223 to 8000MHz
  • K1-TCW+ – with 14 models LTCC Balun Transformers, 700 to 7125MHz

Absorptive Equalizer from Mini-Circuits ->

  • EQY-10-453+ – an absorptive gain equalizer, from DC to 45GHz

Please also check the MCL web page Blog with a Guide for choosing the right RF CABLE for your application.

Please note! 

Due to COVID-19 we have seen an increase in lead times so please take into account when placing your orders that you might have to wait longer than usual for your order to be delivered.

Please contact us for more information or find out more at Mini-Circuits homepage 

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