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2023 is going fast, and In case you’re losing track, the Mini-Circuits Q2 2023 New Product Guide provides an update on all the models released to the product catalog in the past three months

Push-Pull Amplifiers

Remarkably, the concept of the push-pull connection spans three centuries.  William W. Dean of the Bell Telephone Company of Missouri first described the push-pull-connected telephone transmitter in Patent No. 549,477, dated November 5, 1895.1  Next, Sir John Ambrose Fleming invented the first vacuum tube in 19042 and while Lee De Forest added the grid to Fleming’s “valve” in 1906, calling it the “audion,” it was Fritz Lowenstein in his April 24, 1912 patent application who first discovered that applying a negative bias to the grid of De Forest’s tube turned it into an audio amplifier.

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MMIC Low Noise Amplifiers

For Sensitive Wideband Receiver Applications

Mini-Circuits’ PMA3-series of MMIC LNAs have become a mainstay in countless systems across the industry because of their unmatched combinations of bandwidth, noise figure and dynamic range.

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Optimizing Transistor Stages for Different Operating Bandwidths

Since their invention by John Bardeen, Walter Brattain and William Shockley at Bell Labs in 1947, transistors have become a defining (if not the defining) feature of the contemporary technology landscape. Electric vehicles can have over 5 billion transistors in a given build, and today’s smartphones more than 10 billion!

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