Welcome back to all of you that are returning from vacation! Hope you have had a nice Summer.

Mini-Circuits released several new models such as:

Test Solutions

  • USB & Ethernet Controlled, Absorptive 2x SP4T Switch
    • RC2SP4T-50, DC to 50GHz, Matrix, 2.4mm
  • USB & Ethernet Controlled, Reflective 2x SP4T Switch 
    • RC2SPDT-50, DC to 50GHz, Matrix, 2.4mm


  • mmWave LTCC Band Pass, Filter Designer’s Kit – 4 models
    • HFK1-BFCQ+ 25 to 40GHz

Bias Tees

  • Coaxial Bias Tee
    • ZBT-K283+, 2.92mm, 1500 to 28000MHz

New on The Mini-Circuits blog:

  • Department Spotlight: LTCC Design Team

Read more: https://blog.minicircuits.com/department-spotlight-ltcc-design-team/

Together with our suppliers we are constantly working on to shorten the time between order and delivery however lead times are still longer than usual so please take this into account when placing your order.