New Model from Mini-Circuits:


  • Ultra High Dynamic Range, MMIC, SMT
    • PHA-1H-6+, 500 to 6000MHz
  • Low Noise High IP3, MMIC
    • PMA-5456-3+, 50 to 6000MHz
  • Low Noise, Positive Gain Slope, MMIC, Amplifier Die
    • PMA-183PLN-DG+, 6 to 18GHz

  • Attenuators
  • 31.5dB SMT, Digital Step Attenuator, 0.5 step
    • DAT-31R5A-PN-2+, DC to 4000MHz

Bias Tees

  • Wideband Bias Tee, SMT
    • TCBT-203+,10 to 20000MHz

Power Splitters

  • 2-way Coaxial Resistive Power Splitter, SMA
    • ZX10R-2-183-S+, DC to 18000MHz

And also a number of new surface mount Filters and Transformers to be found on the web page

New Models from Skyworks Solutions:

L, S, and C Band Ceramic RF Band Pass Filters

  • Family of Ultra-small Profile Filters
    • TT49xxxE-TR, various models ceramic filters

Skyworks is pleased to introduce its L, S and C Band Ceramic RF Band Pass Filters for GPS, TCAS, Portable Transceiver, Homeland Security Radio, 5G, IOT and medical-based systems. 

These products are in production and loose samples are currently available.

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Together with our suppliers we are constantly working on to shorten the time between order and delivery however lead times are still longer than usual so please take this into account when placing your order.