News from Mini-Circuits

New releases from Mini-Circuits:

  • ZFDC-6-23-S+ Compact Directional Coupler Covering 20 to 2000MHz. Coaxial 6-dB directional coupler provides consistent coupling with high directivity from 20 to 2000 MHz. 
  • EQY-XX-24-D+ Gain Equalizer Die. Series gain equalizers provide frequency responses that can be used to flatten the positive gain slopes of amplifiers, receivers, and transmitters from DC to 20 GHz. 
  • RCDAT-6G-120H 0-120 dB Programmable Attenuation with 0.05 dB Resolution via USB & Ethernet. A single channel programmable attenuator suitable for a wide range of signal level control applications from 200 MHz to 6 GHz. Attenuation can be set in 0.05 dB steps from 0 to 120 dB. 

News from Mini-Circuits

New releases from Mini-Circuits:

  • TCW2-282+ designed with LTCC technology this Mini-Circuits’ is a miniature balanced/unbalanced (balun) RF transformer with a 1:2 impedance ratio and wide frequency range of 700 to 2800 MHz.
  • ZX60-02203LPN+ with SMA connectors is a compact coaxial amplifier with broad frequency range of 2 to 20 GHz well suited for commercial and military communications, radar, and electronic-warfare (EW) applications.

New releases from Mini-Circuits:

Now that we have set the clock back to normal time again we can enjoy the brighter mornings for a short period of time.
After a couple of months with the COVID-19 pandemic slowing down we are now seeing the situation getting more severe. Keep social distance, avoid public places if you can stay home if you do not feel well.

New releases from Mini-Circuits:

  1. ZUDC20-06183-S+ – 20dB DC Pass Directional Coupler, SMA, 50W, 
  2. RC8DAT-8G-95 – 8 channel 95dB USB & Ethernet Controlled Programmable Attenuator, 1 to 8000MHz.
    6 to 18GHz
  3. ZC16PD-02183-S+ – 16-way DC Pass Power Splitter, 20W, SMA,
    2 to 18GHz
  4. riK1-ZEQ24+ – 2.92 mm Connectozed Equalizer Designer’s Kit,
    7 Models, 1 to 11 dB Slope Values

Autumn updates

Autumn is here, the days are getting shorter and slightly darker. 

We still need to keep social distance, make sure to wash our hands often and stay at home if we feel sick.

Together we will get through this!

Announcing new releases from Mini-Circuits:

1) KMR-KM50+ 
Right-Angle Coaxial Adapter, 2.92mm-M to 2.92 mm-M, DC to 40000MHz, 50Ω

2) ZCDC20-01203-S+
Directional Coupler SMA, 20dB, 1000 to 20000MHz, 50Ω

New products from Mini-Circuits

Mini-Circuits are releasing three new products in two categories. 

  1. USB & Ethernet switch modules up to 50 GHz, 


  1. 2-way 90° hybrid with power handling up to 200W:


As always please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding these new product lines – or anything else.

September updates from Mini-Circuits

Here are some of this week’s exiting production updates from Mini-Circuits.

New reflectionless High Pass Filters from 11600 to 30000 MHz:


A new series of Economy Precision Test Cables with 1.85mm Connectors, covers from DC to  67000 MHz:


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding these new product lines – or anything else.

Welcome back!

As we are now entering into September we would like to welcome all of you back to work and we do hope you had a restful Summer.

We would like to share some updates from Mini-Circuits as they are expanding their product line of MMIC Fixed Attenuators. 

The new small package product line QAT-covers from DC to 50GHz with 1dB attenuation and 2W power handling, see here:

They are also releasing an Absorptive RF Switch with internal driver, the M2SWA2-63DRC+ see here:

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding these new product lines – or anything else!